A friend recently opened a discussion saying how in November he finds “motivation” a challenge. Being in fairly good state of motivation, even though I certainly have some “year end fatigue” I thought I could share some thoughts around finishing the year without your motivation “tank” not being completely empty.

  1. Be sure to have something to look forward to. Right now I am really excited about our “Bucket” Sunday and Christmas services. We have been doing some some cool stuff around this and it has certainly kept me engaged in work.
  2. Understand the rhythm of things. I find that church work, family, even my own moods seems to have rhythms. Try keep in sync with these things. If there is something outside of the “norm”, be intentional as to how you approach it. This includes things like your devotional rhythm, going to church and the like.
  3. Lean into the team. Take a little more time to see, listen and draw from the team you work with. You will be surprised how engaging someone else’s world can be in restoring you.
  4. Don’t start new initiatives or try make big changes. But do make a list of fresh ideas, new projects and greater challenges that you will look at next year.
  5. Celebrate victories and bury defeats. I have had real joy looking at some of the things that have gone well, while at the same time not giving too much energy to the things that never went to well. For example, there was this one project this year that never went the way I needed it to go. The thing drained me! I have done the evaluation, realized that there is another way to reach the same goal, and now I have put it to rest until next year.
  6. This last one may seem a little off track, but I find it is helping me. Be a little more chill around local and international news, around diet, and your health in general. Thats why we have new years resolutions!

Stay the pace!

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