7 things I wish I had said

All of us have used and have been inspired by quotes. But every now and again you read or hear something that, well, you wish you had said because it rings so true. Here are some of the quotes I wish I had said. (I have credited the quotes to the people I heard them from, even though they may not have originated the quotes.)

There is nothing like the church when it’s working properly – Bill Hybels. I’ve spent all of my adult life in church work. I have heard a lot said about organized religion, some good, but mostly bad. I have seen comedians mock church and church workers and in truth, a lot of the criticism is justified, and in my opinion we as church workers supply sufficient ammo for all that is said about church. But, as Hybels says, when a church works properly, there is nothing like it. I have watched and experienced the redemptive power of well led and effective churches.

Limited resource plus passion equals innovation – Lifechurch.Tv. I love this quote because I have often heard people complain about what they can’t do because of their limited resources. But with passion, it is amazing the innovation that can happen.

When Leaders lead well, people live, when leaders lead poorly, they die –  Bill Hybels. Sometime I feel like our world is so victimized by bad leadership. For example we see the destruction of a nation like Zimbabwe led by Robert Mugabe, and sadly I suspect that the list of great world leaders is rather short. Great leadership will simply produce life.

Leadership is about disappointing people at a pace they can handle –  John Ortberg. This may seem like a contradiction to the above quote and in some senses it is. But most leaders know that leadership is about change and about movement. And the context of this quote is about the movement created by great leaders. When movement takes place bringing about change, people get upset. Many simply want to keep the status quo. Good leadership is  also about letting down those with a vested interest in keeping the status quo, letting them down in a way they can handle. Great quote.

Spirituality cannot be done at pace – Dallas Willard. This is so counter-cultural. We live in the world of instant and digital. But you can’t rush a deep relationship. Knowing someone and being known by someone simply takes time. There is no substitute for deliberate time in developing spirituality. There is no app on earth that can take you deeper with God in a hurry!

Complete the mission, failure is not an option – Jack Groppel. Recently I have heard a lot about the idea that failure is important, and so this quote may seem “old school”. The path to any form of accomplishment will be marked with set backs, disappointments and failure. This statement is not about what takes place on the journey, but rather, the fact that we have to complete the journey, no matter what happens along the way. If we want to be missional, then we have to complete the mission.

Facts are your friends. Don’t fight the facts! – Greg Hawkins. Christian leaders (I guess all leaders) are sometimes bamboozled by telling themselves that things are going well, even when things are on the decline.  According to Jim Collins (Good to Great and other books)  we have an incredible ability to convince ourselves all is well when the facts show the opposite.


4 thoughts on “7 things I wish I had said

  1. Love ‘Complete the mission, failure is not an option’! Just what I needed to hear. Quite amazing how we have failure as an option-if we only have one shot at this life,this time, then how can failure be on the list of choices-even if it’s almost sub-concious? Sticking this quote up on the mirror…thanx!

  2. A very inspiring read indeed Mark and its true all the Apps in the world cannot change a human heart -only the love of Jesus Christ can

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