All of us know that successful businesses, effective churches and productive people have a vision. According to Bill Hybels “vision leaks”! I believe that if people and organizations are going to achieve their vision, it needs to be a compelling one that is “cast” consistently and creatively. This will help the vision from leaking, as well as keeping strategies and plans consistent with that vision.

Every vision is different, but hopefully the following will help you to cast your vision to those are a part of it.

  1. How convinced are you? If you as the leader, the vision carrier, have in any way lost conviction around what you are about, no matter how slick you are or what supporting tricks you may have, you will fail to convince.
  2. Remind yourself and others why what you are about is so important. Be specific. Be clear. If you were to fail in fulfilling this vision, how important would it be?
  3. Tell some stories that confirm the impact the vision would have when fulfilled.
  4. Before taking it public, share it with some convinced fans of the vision to get honest feed back. Practice makes perfect.
  5. Use fresh language to repeat old truths. Sometimes the vision doesn’t really change, but using different language will give it a fresh feel.
  6. Don’t overstate the vision, but worse, don’t understate it. A vision needs to be larger than what people can do on their own. It must have a “bigger-than-me component” to it.
  7. Make the challenge, make the ask, be specific. Vague clarion calls become cheesy and cliché and the people nod in agreement on the outside and shake their heads on the inside.
  8. Make sure that there is a clear “next step” following the vision talk. This creates immediate movement towards the vision.

Be bold!

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