What’s worse than a Re-Launch

A marketing friend once told me when launching a product you really should get it right the first time! Re-launches are seldom successful. I believe my friend. Also, I know very little about marketing!

This made me realize, I am neither a great marketing person and apparently I am not giving the market what it wants or needs.

But, I have these ideas and thoughts and I want to share them. I also feel like “trying again” has been the story of my life and I have been reasonably successful in my life! On top of this, I just need to keep on trying, improving and keep on trying, improving…etc.

I say all of this to say two things;

  1. I am going to re-launch my blogging career – NOW!
  2. I also am in a process redesigning my website – but if I wait until it’s done, I may not do point 1.

I hope you enjoy my blog! I like writing it.

Oh yes, “What worse than a re-launch” – No launch! (And no lunch)

PS I have also written a book that will need a re-launch – you can buy it now on Kindle

PPS If you spot a spelling and/or a grammatical error in my blog, I will personally apologize to you in writing if you send me an email telling me where I went wrong to mailto:markvanstraaten@mac.com

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