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A few years ago a friend of mine invited me to a Sports Celebrity golf day. He was a sponsor and a service provider and was given a free entry for four people. It was awesome! When we arrived we were given a golf shirt, a box of golf balls, a golf umbrella and some other stuff. And at the prize giving, there was more free stuff.

I was amazed how much people would pay to be part of a golf day to get free stuff! Have you ever been to a concert or some other kind of event where they are throwing out T-shirts or other free stuff? People go ballistic!

Let’s face it, it’s really great to get free stuff.

Of course we don’t always value free stuff. A kind of “easy come, easy go” attitude can prevail!

This makes me think of God’s free gift to us. The main difference is of course, that the gift of God is free but not cheap. In fact it cost Him His life! That kind of gift must be taken with grace and humility!

I am happy to give you a free gift. I have put my book “To the Wall” on the Kindle store and for 1 day it will be free! Now, as I am new to Kindle, and the Kindle store we South Africans use is the USA store, and the times may not be the same as they are here in SA. But on Monday the 29th the book is free for downloading.

What do I want? I want to you to enjoy the book. And even if you don’t, will you write a review on the site where you downloaded the book?

Click here for the website to the book.

It’s free (for 24 hours)

3 thoughts on “Free Stuff

  1. Hi Pastor Mark

    So looking forward to your book!
    Send my love to your wife!
    Miss her and the praise and worship we had at Empangeni Christian Centre!

    Lots of love

    Natanya ( Niemand) du Toit

  2. Dear Mark

    I would love to have your book. Nehemiah is of my favourite books. I am looking forward to learn more from you on Nehemiah

    Stay blessed

    Mamah Sebofi

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