Free Stuff 2

I have discovered something even better than getting free stuff. And that is being a provider of free stuff.

I was in meetings all day on Monday when my book “To the Wall” went free on Kindle for 24 hours and was not able to track the traffic on my Facebook page or my Blog. But later on Monday night I saw that there were 147 free downloads of my book!!

I am not smart enough to talk about the virtues of free stuff and paid for stuff and how people respond. Discussions like; “if I got it free will I take care of it (or read it in this case)”, and “if I paid for it, I want to make sure that I get value for money” etc.

Those are necessary and great discussions, but for now, I just want to keep it simple.

I had so much joy doing this, and therefore I don’t really mind if people read it or not. Of course I hope they do – I loved writing the book!

Imagine the joy God experiences when He creates a wide space for us to live through His free (but not cheap) gift He gives in Jesus Christ. I am completely convinced that as we grow to understand the value of this Gift – we will give our entire lives to ensure that we live out the full value of His Gift.

(The picture is me finally getting a hard-copy to me daughter Shani who lives in Cape Town.)

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