Mags and Hubcaps – the importance of good communication

A few years ago I got a distressing email from my daughter living in another city that her “mags” had been stolen off her car. Well, to the uninitiated, mags are part of the whole wheel and as I read the email, I imagined the car had been jacked up and the wheels had been stolen. What in fact had happened was that the “hubcaps” had been stolen, as the car never had mags. Hubacps are the items that cover the wheel nuts from being exposed on “normal wheels”, while mags are fancy wheels in themselves, if you know what I mean!

Never mind, the point is the implications between mags been stolen and hubcaps been stolen was hugely different.

Communication is a strange thing. How often have I been worked up because what has been said is not what was meant.

The task of great communication must be that what is heard by the listener was what the speaker intended the listener to have heard.

Or is that, what is said is been intended by what is heard.

Wait, what I mean is the person hearing and the person speaking need to understand what the person speaking is actually saying.

Let me try again…oh forget it, figure it out and when you know what I am trying to say drop me a comment.

Remember, successful people are great communicators.

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