Busy or in a Hurry?

I remember clearly the first time I heard John Ortberg speak about “hurry sickness”. It was in a course based on his book called “Everyday with Jesus”. Look at the following list and decide if you have hurry sickness:

  • You check for the shortest line at the grocery store checkout, identify someone in the next shortest line and see who gets to the teller first. If you aren’t first, you feel cheated.
  • When approaching a tollgate it gives you real pleasure to choose the shortest and quickest lane.
  • You have figured out the quickest ways to work at the different traffic hours of the day.
  • You know how to use Siri really well giving you an upper hand on multi-tasking.

According to Ortberg, being “busy” is a fact of life while being “hurried” is a condition of the soul. A “hurried” soul will generally be an unhappy soul.

In Ortberg’s book “Soul Keeping” he speaks about his learnings with the late Dallas Willard.

Here are two quotes from “Soul Keeping”:

  1. “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life”
  2. “This is spiritual life: to place the soul each moment in the presence and care of God”

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