Dealing with your Past

What one or two past experiences or decisions would you change if you could? After coming through my “Crisis of Faith”, I was left with a sense of real shame, disappointment and condemnation. And of course over past 23 years since that incident there have been many other disappointments and situations where I have got it […]

Inseparable Union!

While preparing for the sermon I preached this past Sunday I discovered a “Spiritual Equation” of sorts around the issue of power and suffering. I am not sure to what extent the issue of suffering has bothered you. I have often wondered why God, who has such power would sometimes seem disconnected to the suffering, […]

Baby Expressions

How uncertain are we?

Benjamin Franklin popularized the saying, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” Brené Brown on a TEDx Talk on Vulnerability made a great point on “Certainty” that really struck me. She said, “we make everything that is uncertain, certain. Religion has gone from faith and mystery to certainty. […]