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Develop your strengths and manage your weakness

Developing your strengths and managing your weaknesses.   About 6 years ago I was returning from attending the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago. I had a brief visit with my wife’s two brothers and their families in Raleigh, North Carolina. While waiting to catch a plane for my long trip home I began to think … Read more

Even Idols has a leadership lesson

Can Idols teach us anything about Leadership?

We’re in Idols season again and for me the best part is the early auditions. Of course, the untalented, yet passionate “singers” provide the most entertainment for me. And it is here that a great leadership lesson can be learnt. It’s the lesson of understanding your talents, gifts or abilities, and making sure that you … Read more


Dealing with your Past

What one or two past experiences or decisions would you change if you could? After coming through my “Crisis of Faith”, I was left with a sense of real shame, disappointment and condemnation. And of course over past 23 years since that incident there have been many other disappointments and situations where I have got it […]


How to approach the Global Leadership Summit and other conferences, for that matter.

Over the past few years I have begun to prepare intentionally for conferences I am about to attend. My church makes a huge investment in getting me to the conference in Chicago, so the least I can do is make sure I honour their commitment to me. But more than that, in being intentional about […]