The Spies need to come in from the cold and take the log out your eye

When you are always under fire, it’s great to be the victim and to be able to fire back. I am talking about the latest Spy scandal that has been in our news. Great Britain and the USA have been spying on South Africa, Russia and Turkey in 2009 at the G20 Summit. Here in … Read more

Easter time

What Easter means to me

I remember so clearly as a child rushing around our garden hunting for Easter Eggs. My brother was 3 years older than me and generally found more eggs than I did. Fortunately, my parents would insist that we share out the Easter eggs evenly once we had found them all. Then when I came into … Read more

Even Idols has a leadership lesson

Can Idols teach us anything about Leadership?

We’re in Idols season again and for me the best part is the early auditions. Of course, the untalented, yet passionate “singers” provide the most entertainment for me. And it is here that a great leadership lesson can be learnt. It’s the lesson of understanding your talents, gifts or abilities, and making sure that you … Read more