Make A Life For Yourself: Be Generous

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”. Sir Winston Churchill.  A few years ago I heard a lady by the name of Jessica Jackley being interviewed at a Global Leadership Summit. Jessica is the co-fonder of an organization called Kiva. Here’s the Kiva blurb off the Kiva […]


5 Easy Steps To Growing an Organization

There are 2 things wrong with my title. Firstly, there are always going to be more than 5 steps and secondly, they’re never going to be easy. But I’m busy trying to attract more readers to my blog and I’m hoping this title may help!! As the founding pastor of two churches, here are some […]



All of us know that successful businesses, effective churches and productive people have a vision. According to Bill Hybels “vision leaks”! I believe that if people and organizations are going to achieve their vision, it needs to be a compelling one that is “cast” consistently and creatively. This will help the vision from leaking, as […]